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 Free Ride



Going Bananas

Milk  Protein  Concentrate



Wrong Place




Update Dec. 09 2014
Update June 26 
Update Nov. 24
Update Sept 20

 New Releases.

 Some singles while the albums are done 


Thanatopsis  -  Doom Song

Salad days - Experimental Song 

Deprecate   - Doom song


 September 20th 2013

Update July 27

There Are 5 Albums on The Works, Various Styles Including:


-New Wave


-Rap/Hip Hop


 Here's a Little Taste For Now

Enjoy And Wait For More 


-Cosmogonía - 80's Style New Wave

-Gluten Free - 80's Style New Wave

-You Just Don't Get It do You - Hip Hop

-Cannibalistic Humanoid Ground Dweller - Goth rock




July 27 2013




Just Uploaded Some Sketches From Different Notebooks, Some Are Old, Some New. Check It Out


New Songs And QR Code

I´m Currently Working On New Songs

I´ll Post Them All As Soon As They Are Finished

Here´s A Taste.

(Sorry, Not Available For Mobile) 


Pupi Love.- love B2.mp3

Glitches.- 2.mp3

 Hip Hop Untitled.- hop.mp3


Grind Metal Untitled 1.-


 Grind Metal Untitled 2.-



 I Also Created A QR Code For The Site                                                      



Thanks For The Downloads

I Checked My Songs On Newgrounds And The Download Number Has Increased

Thanks A Lot Everyone.



The Whole Demian Pulex                  Music Collection

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 Sept 10 2011 

Now That's What I'm Talking About

Dia Siete Is A Magazine That I Really Like, It's Free And It Always Has Good Content.

Well, This Time We Actually Got To Be In It And In Several Pages. The Article Is About Street Art

I Painted The Cattopus And The Green Cyclops On Page 28

A Friend Of Mine Wrote The Article And Took The Pictures

Check This Dude's Stuff He's Into Music Too. 

Download The PDF With The Article,  In Spanish

Sept 06 2011


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