Demian Pulex


A Brief Definition

Music: My Musical Influences Are Very Rare To Define, I Like A Lot From The 80´s And Non-Commercial Stuff

I Started Making Music In 1996, Using Windows Sound Recorder, Then Moved Up To Fruity Loops 3

With A Demo Version, So There Are No Songs Registered For That.

Then In 2000 I Started To Use Music 2000 (Highly Recommended For Starters)  

After That I Went To Fruity Loops 4 But With A Full Version Now.

In 2006 Bought Mtv Music Generator 3 I Used It But Still Used Fruity Loops

In 2010 I Moved To FL Studio And Been Using It Since That.

I Tried Some Other Programs But None Of Them Really Helped Me Or I Didn´t Liked Them  At All.

At This Time I Have More Than 140 Songs And There Are More On The Works.

Sadly I Deleted 2 full Albums And I Gave Away The Only Couple Of Tapes (Yeah I Still Like Recording On Tape) 

In Fact I Started Mixing Tapes When I Was Very Young. And I Worked At A Radio Station When I Was 15.


Video: I Didn´t Really Planned To Start This, It Just Happened,

I Always Watched The Visuals At Clubs Or At Shows And I Knew I Could Do Better Than Most

One Day Some Friends Hired Me For The Opening Of A Bar And Since That I Played Visuals For Many Clubs,

Bands And Dj´s, Including Names Such As: Mira Arroyo (Ladytron) JD Samson (Le Tigre)  Gustavo Bravetti, Monsieur Sept, Gil Cerezo (Kinky), The Juan Mclean And Many More,

In Fact I Don´t Remember All Of Them, I´ll Be Adding Them 

My Strongest Influence Is Larry Carlson, I Like Many More, Like gangpol und mit , Ted Chambers Etc. But Maily Is  His Style The One That I Intend To Go For

I Appeared In Some Videos For Superportatil, A Local Band That Doesn´t Exist Anymore (Check Links Section)


Photo: I Started Because Of Chö And Mondie, You Can See Their Pics In the Gallery

I Also Was A Model For A Store Called Beat Box, The Clips Are On Link Section




Street Art: This Is Going Great, So Many Personalities Are Oftenly Coming To Paint To My Town.

Names Like: Roa, Rypo, L´atlas, Mcshine, The 33rd Crew, And Bue The Warrior Just To Name Some

Also Friends From Mexico Like Seher, Dhear, Saner, Sego, Smithe Just To Name Some.

Ocassionally I Paint With Them, I´ll Be Adding The Pictures As Soon As I Get Them


Well, That´s All For Now, Enjoy

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